Bermuda Police Services Notice

BPS Advice to the Public Purchasing Second-Hand Motorcycles

The public are advised that the Bermuda Police Service has noticed an increase of motorcycles being seized that have had engine and frame numbers re-stamped. These re-stamped motorcycles are being purchased unwittingly by members of the public.

There is no reason for any person to remove a factory serial number printed on the frame and engine from a motorcycle and replace it with a re-stamped number, other than to change the identity of the motorcycle usually as a result of it being stolen.

Members of the public purchasing a second-hand motorcycle are offered the following advice to protect themselves:

• Verify the identity of the person selling the motorcycle – inspect identification and retain a record of the seller’s identification (name, address and d.o.b.).

• Inspect the frame and engine numbers against the TCD issued vehicle registration document. The numbers and letters imprinted on the motorcycle frame and engine should be the same as that recorded by TCD and on the registration document.

Inspect the frame and engine number to ensure they are the factory stamp – the numbers and letters will appear in perfect alignment, will be evenly spaced and the impression left in the stamping will be the same depth throughout.
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